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What to Expect


A common question is "when is the best time for a maternity portrait?" The short answer is sometime between 4 and 7 months pregnant. Beyond that, the best time is what you prefer. It is important to consider health issues that may make a late maternity session impossible. For example, if you have a history of delivering early or excessive swelling toward the end, then scheduling at least a month before your due date is best. Maternity portraits may be of you alone, but we also encourage photos with spouses and children.

Children & Families

The best and most important thing we can tell you is to relax.  We know that is easier said than done.  Your images will not only portray you and your family much more accurately, but they will actually be fun to do! 

To ensure quality portraits, we are very patient as well as flexible. We do allow for necessary breaks for infants and children, as well as clothing changes.  However, we do strongly encourage you to photograph your most important clothing selection first.  We have found that children under the age of 5 are less patient the more often they have to be changed.   Also, for newborn sessions, please be prepared with spare clothing for both the parents and baby, as wet or soiled clothing are very common during a newborn session.

 Your portrait session will begin after Jennifer has a moment to interact with your child(ren) and help them to get to know her better.  Please feel free to bring a favorite toy to help your child feel secure.  Once your child is comfortable, Jennifer may ask you to step back or even be "out of sight" (but always nearby) so that your child might be less distracted. Of course, younger children may require a parent to be on hand at all times. If you have any special requests (siblings together, etc), please let us know prior to your session so that we may work them in.

Senior Portraits

Your senior portrait session is major milestone in your life.  These are images that you, your friends and family will cherish and enjoy for many years to come. Your portraits will be a reflection of who you are at this moment in your life.  Traditional, contemporary, casual, elegant, athletic — you choose.    We want your session with us to be fun, creative, and unique yet we also want to help you tell a story about who you are.   For this reason, we encourage you to bring clothing and props that reflect your individuality. 

Don’t forget that the images from your senior session will be used in the future for many different events.  That is the reason why you want your images to reflect you in your best possible light.  You will need images for your graduation announcements, to hand out to all of your friends, senior yearbook ads, sports/activity programs, college applications and eventually sorority recruitment (rush).


Please see our Senior Session pricing for further details and to help you decide exactly what type of session best suits your needs.

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